An Explanation Part 2: Right Affections

In a Classical Christian Education, the desire is to set the 
affections of students on three things: 

God is Truth.  All truth brings Him glory.  We want to think well, to not be swayed away from truth by fads or emotions.  He is also Beautiful.  Everything that is of beauty reflects Him as the Beautiful Creator.  He is supremely Good.  Although we can never be perfectly Good, He has covered our failings through Jesus and helps us grow towards goodness as we mature in Him.

The classroom should be inspiring.  I want my kiddos to see the subject matters as alive and exciting.  I want to teach in a way that is full of joy and awe.  If I think an activity or content matter is boring, how will my students be drawn towards God's glory?  This means a lot of work for me as a teacher: in planning, in energy while I'm teaching, in figuring out the good stuff behind the multiplication facts.  The goal is not to avoid things that are tedious and not my favorite.  The goal is to find God's truth, beauty, and goodness even among the hard-to-understand ideas.  Honestly, we have to pray for it.  And talk about it.  Why is this math problem truthful, beautiful, and good?

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