Pesto on Mirepoix Monday

Throw these things into your food processor to puree:

1 Mirepoix
1 clove garlic
2 cups spinach (frozen or fresh)
Handful of fresh basil
½ cup some kind of nut (almond, sunflower, cashew)
¼ cup some kind of oil (optional)
¼ cup of citrus juice (orange, lemon, lime)
½ Parmesan cheese (optional)
salt to taste

Pour on grilled chicken... or pasta ... or make a pesto grilled cheese sandwich... or top this frittata.  The possibilities are endless.  

This pesto also makes a great dip by itself for veggies or chips.

Skip the cheese and you can go vegan.


As a side note, make sure your blender is put together correctly and everything is on tight.  I mean, just in case you are getting ready for a bride, mother-of-the-bride, and maid of honor to come over for  a wedding planning brunch.  I'm not saying that your pesto will end up all over your kitchen.  But it just might.  Consider yourself warned.

What's Mirepoix?  Learn about it here.


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