Chicken Pot Pie

When you are talking about homemade goodness, a chicken-pot-pie hits the spot.  However, the ones from the store are full of extra calories and who knows what else.  Try this one made with Mirepoix.  

In a crockpot or cooked a long time on the stove, cook until it falls apart:

1 bag of Mirepoix  (What's Mirepoix?  Read about it here!)
1 onion
4 small chicken breasts
1 cup of water
a cup or so of extra celery

Make traditional gravy with the juice or: Add about a 3 tablespoons of flour or Bisquick mix to the pot. (If going G-free, use rice flower or G-free Bisquick.)

Stir until flour is totally blended in. 

Add frozen veggies (the California mix works great, you might want to cut big cauliflowers in half).

Cook in pot until veggies are soft.

Make a crust (Bisquick+Crisco works great!)

Put chicken/veggie in pan and top with crust. Bake until crust is golden.

*For extra creaminess... add a little butter when you throw in the veggies.
*This easily doubles for big families and get-togethers.

For other Mirepoix recipes, click here!


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