A Day to Celebrate All Sorts of Stuff

Today is a really special day.  Someone I know is buying a house.  It's A-Dor-A-Buuulll!  ... and that's fun in itself.  But in it, I see so many other things to celebrate.

This friend is a single woman in her early ___s.  Let's just say, she wishes she weren't single.  Let's just say, she had hoped to buy this house with a husband.  But, she didn't let singleness stop her from taking a big step of putting down roots in her community.

She is buying this house in a town in which she wants to invest.  She serves a population that society often over looks.  She wants to bump into these people at the grocery store.  She wants to see them at the gas station, at the re-sale shops.  She wants to be part of their lives.  She wants them to be part of hers.  She could have chosen to be in a more comfortable place.  But she didn't.

These two factors are amazing to me.  And seriously encourage my faith.  When it comes to circumstances which don't fit my ideal... when it comes to big decisions that weren't in my dream-life... am I leaning forward into the Lord?  Am I willing to do the hard things?

I'd like to think so.  I'd like to think that in the big things, I would.

So what about the little?  What about stopping at my neighbor's when I am so busy?  What about texting a "thinking about you" even though it's the other person's turn?  What about saying, "I'm sorry" first?

Celebrate with me what my friend is doing today.  And let's celebrate how the Holy Spirit stirs us to do hard things - the little ones and the big.


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