First Flower

The first ray of spring has popped up in our yard, even though the cold is below freezing.  I touched it and found it solid.  I was too hard; I broke it from its stem.  So I laid it on a rock, an alter beside the driveway.  This, God, is the first-fruit of summer, the first-fruit of winter-not-being-forever.  This, God, is the first-fruit to remind me that you will provide.

It is snowing again, something I love.  Something, so quiet, so freeing.  But, we are in a season of decisions, of planning What Comes Next, and I need to remember the end.  I need to remember that the next-next-next-next will one day get us to an Eternity of light, where there won't be these sad, nebulous, what if's and doubts, and sinful desires and whispering motives which hinder clarity of thought and action.

And so, I will walk through the winter, but remember that the Son is on His way...


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