Get Her Laughing

I don't know if you've met her or not, my sister, but I think you might like her. She loves holding babies and cuddling with dogs. She loves talking, putting puzzles together, and watching TV. She has a memory like you wouldn't believe.  She prays for the details of people's lives, some of whom she has never met. She is funny. She is sensitive. She is brave.

And if you get her laughing, there will be tears. And you'll laugh, too. It's a great way to spend the afternoon, laughing with my sister.

These are the things you might not know when you see her bowling with her friends from the center. These are the things you might not think about when you watch her walk in the parking lot. These are the things that you might not tell your kids when you're sitting at the table next to us at Chili's.

But these are the things that are true.

So, I ask of you to be kind to her in the middle of the grocery isle. When she tells you, “Have a nice day,” answer her back. Smile at her. Slow down and listen to her story. Let her ooh-and-awe over your baby. Call her when you think about her. Take her out for lunch.

Love her well.  After all, isn't it all of us who have special needs?  Especially the need to be loved.  And that is what she does best.


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