Clothes Calendar

I keep a clothes calendar. No kidding, it
saves my sanity in the morning. A lot of
work goes into it at first, but it's worth it.

1. Make a hanging board with pockets.
Simply glue half an envelope to
cardboard for simple pockets.

2. Create complete outfits. It's OK to
have the same pair of pants in multiple
outfits. This will be a great time to
actually get rid of things that you don't
like and don't wear.

3. Make a miniature card for each outfit.
Be as detailed as you want (shoes,
jewelry), or just write the shirt and pants.

4. Arrange the cards in the hanging board
so that you don't wear the same pants two
days in a row.

5. Each day wear the first thing in the
chart. Then, put it at the end of your
chart or in a special pocket for the extra
cards. Of course, there will be times
when the day's activities (or weather)
dictate a different outfit, and so just “use
up” the card you want.

6. If you find yourself skipping over an
outfit multiple times, get rid of that shirt,
skirt, or pair of pants.

7. If you get a new outfit, make a new

I think you'll find your morning running a
little more smoothly. And if your like me,
I appreciate smooth running mornings.


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