Characteristics of God for Kids

It's so fun to pray alongside kids. They'll surprise you with the things they tell God. It's one of those times when you understand what Jesus meant when He said that we should be like children in our love for and awe of God.

We want them to keep their innocence and delight… and we want them to mature. I always say that if you have the opportunity to teach kids – in Sunday School or at your kitchen table – don't waste the time. Don't let your Bible time be just babysitting. Make it a seminary.

It's important that kiddos don't just hear stories, but fall in love with God. As you read through the Bible talk about how God is big. Victorious. Strong.

One way to do that is through drawing. Even before kids can read, symbols help us to talk about God. A crown for King. A bottle of glue for His faithfulness.

You can introduce the picture as you work through the story, or ask the kids to help you think of a picture of a characteristic which you've already learned.

During prayer time, I write the words on a board or piece of paper, “God, You are...” And then I let them tell me about God while I draw. I usually don't write words, and I don't get too detailed. If there is an opportunity, the kids can finish my drawings and can color.

I love to grow our list and grow our wonderment of our amazing God.


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