Quick Task Jar

On Saturdays we will be looking at strategies to live diligently on purpose.

It's easy for me to get distracted with fun and easy things. Things that are boring don't naturally get done in my life. I'm asking God, by His Spirit, to teach me more about self-discipline in all areas, which means, yes, even with the boring stuff.

I have a little running list of to-do's that hardly ever get done. Ta-da! Introducing the Quick Task Jar. Or, in my case, a mug. Fill the jar/mug/box/bowl with a handful of tasks that are quick and easy (even if boring). Each task only gets 5 minutes. On the phone but on hold? Have a few minutes before the kids wake up? You have time for one thing. Here are the rules:

1. Only put things in the jar that you can do in normal clothes and which don't require a ton of supplies.

2. Be realistic. Organizing the kitchen cabinets might not get done in five minutes but one drawer can be put into shape.

3. Limit your time. Put on a five minute song or set the timer.

4. Don't fill the jar with too many things; I have just 5 things. Empty the jar before refilling it.

5. Keep the jar somewhere very near.

Just one warning for all of us who would rather be crafty than productive: don't spend more than 5 minutes cute-ifying your jar.

My list this week is

-put away extra guest pillows
-find zip code/stamp and put in mail box the card that has been on the kitchen table for 3 weeks
-organize the first aid box (ie. throw away band-aid wrappers)
-do something with stuff on pantry floor
-throw away dead basil plant

Cheers to being productive!  Send pictures and comment below to let me know if you've completed your tasks.


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