Potato Soup on Mirepoix Monday

It's Mirepoix Monday!

Winter wouldn't be winter without a great bowl of potato soup.  Comfort in a bowl.  I especially love potato soup with a gallon of sour cream, a pound of butter, and a wedge of cheese.  Oh, and maybe a big side of ham.  But, for all of you who prefer to cook with your arteries in mind, here's a yummy recipe, perfect for a cold weather day.

This can be cooked in the crock-pot for six hours or on medium-low on the stove for three or four hours.

In case you missed it, get the Mirepoix recipe here.
Put 1 bag of frozen Mirepoix in crock-pot or large pot.  Add 10 small potatoes, cut in eights.  Cover potatoes with warm water.  Add salt to taste.  Leave chunky or mash to make more creamy. Put it in the blinder for extra creamy.  If the soup is too thick, add half a cup of water.

Yes, it's that easy.  Instead of potatoes, try squash or sweet potatoes.  The Mirepoix creates a broth to nurture your potatoes to deliciousness. 

If you do want to add sour cream, butter, cheese, or ham, I won't judge you.  Especially if you invite me over.


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