Ten Goals and the Art of Today

A Sumner

In theory, I am self-disciplined, purposeful, and self-controlled.  In reality, I am not.  So, for this sabbatical season I have some daily practices to put into place.

1. Get my head in the Word.  This is essential for this time of refreshing and growth.  I don't just want it to be something I read about and move on from... I want it to penetrate my mind throughout the day.

2. Write in my prayer journal.  This, in daily life - when I'm super busy, is one of my delights.  However, I find that when I'm on vacation, or have all morning to journal - I get restless and jump to things that are more fun.

3. Take one really good, interesting picture.  This is an act of slowing down more than anything else.  Recently, my husband got me a camera, a life long dream.  I have been addicted to it.  But, I want to do more than just take pictures.  Stop.   Spend time being still enough. Be careful in my shooting.  Go from every angle.  Try different lights.   Look at it blown up on the computer.  Try again.  And again.

4. Stretch.  I have the dreaded plantar fasciitis.  I was able to get amazing therapy last year, but I need to keep up my exercises.  This is hard for me, because I don't love doing it.  But, it's another way to slow down.

5. No sweets except at a real celebration.  By "real", I mean a party.  With other people.  Real.

6. Talk to one "old friend".  Or Skype.  Or write. Somehow connect with someone I love whom I don't see on a regular basis.

7. Take my vitamins.  Gag.

8. Drink lots of water.  I looked it up.  I should be drinking almost a gallon a day.  Bottoms up!

9. Blog.  Sorry.  This one might be annoying to you.  I'm sure I can't come up with deep, witty writing every day.  But, it's a practice.  Although I have several writing projects that won't be for the world to see, this one will keep me on my toes.  I'll have to have quick creativity and editing.

10. Oops.  I can't remember what this one is.  ... Well, I had to go look on my phone.  I have an app that lets me check of my list.  If I get them all done, I get a big, green, satisfying check-mark.  So, that 10th one?  Housework.  It sounds funny that it should be on my list, I know.   (And funnier that I forgot it.)  But, because I want to spend mornings writing and afternoons working on the farm, I'm afraid that the daily chores of laundry, etc., might get shuffled, and I want to make sure they are a part of my routine.

Scripture again and again tells us to be diligent in our life... that part of what life in the Spirit has to offer is self-discipline.  For me, a list helps me.  It doesn't get me to heaven.  It doesn't define me.  It doesn't make God love me any more.  It just helps me be a little more purposeful with my days.

And those days where only nine get done?  Or seven?  Or four?  Well, on those days I just won't get my green check-mark.  And I will still get to go to heaven.

So, check in with me.  Ask me how I'm doing.  As for today, with the push of this button right here, I'll have five checked off.


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