Beauty in the Broken

I don’t want to be disrespectful to God… but I just want to know – why did He give us disabilities?

It’s one of those questions that takes your breath away.  So, I turn to my Bible study class of 12 adults.  Three of them have experienced traumatic brain injuries.  Three of them have never been able to make enough sense out of letters to be able to read.  None of them will drive.  Or go to college.  Or Have what most American’s call a successful life. 

So I ask them.  Why do you think…?

And here is what they say.
… to be thankful for the life we do have.
…to make us unique.
…to protect us from making bad decisions.
…to show us His goodness.
…to remind us that He hasn't given up on us.
… to show us that everyone is different, but we’re all basically the same.
…to teach us that everyone in the whole world has a disability that they hide inside, but they don’t see it in themselves.  Only the people close to them can see it.
…to be grateful for what we do have.  I have a disability – but I don’t use it as an excuse.
…to appreciate the people who help you.
…We need to be humble.
…to show us we need God.
…It helps us remember heaven.

…It gives us hope for heaven.


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