Accountability 101

Are you meeting your friend for coffee to go deep?  To re-group and re-focus your outlook on life?  Whether it is an official time of accountability, or just a friendship that you are cultivating as prayer warriors and faith-friends, these tips will help you use your time together wisely.*

1. Reveal only the sins that will gain you empathy.  Highlight the ones that make you look a little mysterious.  Even a little holy.  Definitely cool.

2. Talk about your unmet needs and how everyone around you is not meeting them.

3. One-up the other person on everything.  Sins.  Lack of sleep.   Amount of laundry.  Woe is meeeee....

4. Dole out excuses for sins.  For them.  For you.  And if your friend gives an excuse, nod your head and say, "Totally!"

5. Demean your husband/boss/church leaders/kids/co-workers.

6. List the wounds and the record of wrongs.  Then list them again.  The further you can go back, the better.  Remember what happened in 1st Grade?  Talk about that.

7. Spend so much time talking that you don't pray - or if you do pray together, make sure it is just for a minute and is full or rambling words.

8. Stay in control and keep the upper hand.  After all, you are more wise, more righteous, more better.

9. Make sure your accountability partner is in the exact same stage of life as you.  That way you can completely relate to each other.

10.  Quote Oprah.  Or NPR. Or just talk about Downton Abbey.

*Should any of these not actually point you to Jesus or help you grow in the faith and have an eternal perspective of our Holy God - just do the opposite.


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