Scripture for 2015

There are all kinds of tools and advice when it comes to memorizing God's Word.  I've tried lots of them.  But, this past year, my favorite discovery has been a website called, "The Verses Project".

Each week an new verse appears as a song and as artwork.  I memorize best when things come with a tune, so this is helpful.  I have made it a favorite page in my Chrome browser and then have used a widget so I can just tap and get right there on my phone.  I like to call it my pretend app.

The music is a little weird at times because it is straight Scripture.  As we know, the Bible didn't come in pentameter rhyme.  Because each song is on their home page for several days, I listen to it all week.  The lyrics and music repeat over and over, so that by the end of the week the song is stuck in my head.  Plus, if I look at the art work when I'm blow drying my hair, I get to add another sense to the learning process.

If seeking God and memorizing His Word is part of your hopes for 2015, give this a go!


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