Good News and Getting the Word Out

Happy Kleenex, y'all!  It's flu/allergy/stuffyheadearsnosethroat season here in Texas.

And I have something that will help.  Seriously - it works.  My husband discovered it a year and a half ago.  I've been passing it along individually since it changed my life - but today I went all out public with it.  Here it is:

It really does clear out the gunk in your head.  Especially when you do it in the shower.

It's really good news.  It helps!

After I posted it, someone commented about how it immediately worked.  I know it!  And I thought, I've got to share this good news with everyone.  It should be my new mission.

Really - that's what I thought.  Those exact words.

We don't have to construe anything to see a big ole lesson here, do we?  Matt Chandler says that the Gospel is good news because it invades bad spaces.  Draining the stuffiness from your head is good news when you have a stuffy head.  Jesus is good news when you have a gunky heart.  And we all have gunky hearts.

So, I'm left with the question - what is the good news I'm sharing?  What is my mission?




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