The Holy in My Today

My commute allows me to watch the perfect combination of clouds and sun for the sunrise and for the sunset.  And I get butterflies; that giddy-stomach-turning that comes with the realization that the Creator is the LORD of heaven and earth… and that He knows and loves me.  Halleluiah!

I’ve seen some doozies this week.  I have to say, it’s been very distracting to my north/south driving.  I have to make myself concentrate on the road.  I’ve been constantly tempted to stop on the side of the highway to take pictures.  That petrifies me – so I don’t.  But, this one, this sunset – I couldn’t resist.  So, I pulled into a parking lot to capture it.

Uggghh… It looks like I pulled into a parking lot.  It would have been so much better without the power lines and cars and buildings… if only I had stopped along the side of the highway in the country at the top of a hill.

But even without the stuff of earth in it, the picture radiates the stuff of glory.  And that’s a perfect picture.  It’s where we live.  The good news of glory is good news because it infiltrates the bad news of the stuff of earth.  The ugly stuff gets overwhelmed by the beauty.  Emmanuel, God with us.  The Spirit being at work in our mundane.  God’s grace pouring out around our breakfast tables and while tucking little ones into bed.  God’s faithfulness reaching in to car rides and hospitals and Sunday schools.  God’s majesty in a parking lot.


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