Red Paint

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sin.  1 Peter 4:8.

 For twelve Bible Studies, I’ve been prompting my students to memorize, think about and process this verse.  How to get along with annoying people.  How to forgive someone’s bad day.  How to just let some things go.  Grin and bear with your brothers and sisters.  Let love paint over other people’s foibles and grumpiness and imperfections.  Like new paint on the wall full of sin grafiti.

And then, one of my guys said something like this…

Because when you get to heaven, it will be like Jesus’s blood has painted over your sins.

Ohhh… I wish I had thought of that. 

I wish I had remembered the time a group of people painted red over their doorways.  Because of that red they were saved.

And because of Jesus’s red, I too am saved.

So, let me love.  Let me paint the town red. 


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