Dear Rubbermaids,

My darlings.  You have been with me for a long while... carrying my treasures across the oceans and across different lives.   You have been my out-of-sight-out-of-mind partner in procrastinating.  You have served me as a closet, as a book shelf, as a filing cabinet.  Was it one of you who were my coffee table?  I want you to know that I didn't put you by the curb because I had no room for you in my heart... I want the best for you. I know you will be bored just stacked up in the garage doing nothing all day.   I want you to feel like you are contributing to society.  Your new mama, who was so excited to have you that she came to pick you up in her pajamas, arrived just three minutes after I let the world know you were ready for adoption.  I cried a little during those minutes.  And then I smiled because I knew you would be loved.  We've made lots of memories together... and now you'll make more with your new family.  

Thankful for the years you were in my life...
Take care.


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