Big Prayers

She needs a job. 
They need the adoption to go through. 
 He needs to let go of his work addiction. 
That friend needs healing. 
Another needs forgiveness.  
Please work this out. 
My prayers go on and on.  Well, my To Do List goes on and on.  God, do this.  Show them that.  Work this way.  And lest you think of me as this great intercessory warrior, most of my list is about me.  My Kingdom Come, thank you very much.  I do ask that God would reveal Himself to me, breathe through me, be my everything.  And then I ask Him again.  In a thousand different ways.  My journal could double for a thesaurus.  Because even in my prayers I love words.

But, when one of my students, the same young man who tells me to look at the cross, asks to pray during chapel service, I hold my breath.  His prayers are my favorite.


I place between those words a thousand other things… things that tempt me to believe I have to figure out how to arrange the world and let God know.  Don’t get me wrong – He tells us to ask.  He tells us to beg.  But maybe the difference is found in who we really think is in charge…

So when this brother stands and folds his hands and leads us in his two worded prayer… I’m reminded that God is God.  So be it.  He already knows everything that is in-between. 
Amen to that.


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