A Good Rejection

So, now that we're living two miles from my parents' house, I am loving getting to stop by just for a quick moment.  Pick up something still in their attic.  Pop over for lunch.  Grab something out of their garden.  So, when I needed onions, I called on a Friday afternoon and said, "I can come by and get them tonight."

I was told no.

"You can in the morning," my mother informed me.

"Hurumph," said my heart.

And then she went on... "It's our date night tonight.  You can come on Saturday."

She was not allowing me to stop by in protection of their date night.  The one evening a week when they are alone... and she was guarding it fully.  Even from me.

In Titus 2, older women are told to train younger women how to love their husbands...  and that was a perfect example.  Even though I would have been there for only two minutes, she in someway was showing me that this time together with her husband was more important than my onions... or any interruption.  Even after 47 years of marriage... and maybe especially after 47 years of marriage.

So, even though my heart felt rejection for a split second, it warmed up really fast... and I can't stop thinking about it.  I hope I am free with my No's in honor of my time with my husband.  My mom has taught me a thousand things during my life.  And I'm so glad she added this one to the list.

Which reminds me of another time she taught me about choosing her husband first.  I was in sixth grade, I think.  The discussion question was presented at school.  There are some people in a boat and all will die, but you have the opportunity to save one.  Who would you save?  And so I ran the question by my mom and made our family be in that boat.  I was confident she would choose me.  For whom on earth did I love more than her?  Surely she felt the same for me.  But she chose my dad.

And explained that her love for us was great, but her love for her husband was her first earthly priority.  And I was shocked.  And hurt.

And now I look at that, and I look into my husband's eyes - and I pray, pray, pray that he will always be my first choice.  In my speech.  In my service.  In the way I decorate and spend my time and protect him.

I'm so glad my parents are head-over-heals with each other.  And I'm sure a lot of this has been because my mom's loyalty in all areas of her life are reserved for her husband.

And as Christ loves the church, our husbands give so much to us... and I want to give so much to him.

And in doing so, in making my life an offering for the glory of God, I am honored.


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