To say that Nina* is always moving is an understatement.  She uses her feet to turn her wheel chair into a spinning, rocking tea-cup-ride.  Watch out for your toes.  Her padded helmet will give you a clue that she means business. It's not a graceful moving - but one of anxiousness.  Perhaps she is just trying to escape this failing body; this failing mind.

So, make a big circle during Music Therapy and let her enjoy the space in the middle.  Turn on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.  Then walk up to her wheel chair and then scootch your hands under hers as she grips her legs.  She will splay out her long, elegant fingers and hold them flat as if  tea saucers are balancing on the back of her hands. Now start to sway.  Really gently, with all the calmness and time in the world.  Raise your hands slowly as you raise the tea saucers.  And you'll find that as Ludwig establishes his melancholic, yet peaceful tides, Nina's hands will relax. She will relax. Wait just a little longer and her fingers will wrap around yours and she will look into your eyes with a tender connectedness.  And it might take your breath away.  And you might want to keep dancing with Nina forever.

*Not her real name.


Sherri said…
What a beautiful picture you have painted in my mind. Thanks for sharing your day :)

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