I am cleaning out my office.  Well, to be truthful, I am gathering all the junk I can find and throwing it in the middle of the office.  Mind you that my office is the size of a bathroom.  Not one of those with a huge garden tub, but just a very normal bathroom.  Which means that my big pile of junk makes it impossible to get to and frow in here.

But, it's almost a new year.  Here at work I have a new semester to think about.  I will have some former students and a few new ones.  I'll have some former classes and a new one or two.  I will have some former co-workers, and a new one as well.

So, it seems right to clean up and clean out my space.  And it seems right to pray as I do it... pray for wisdom and the fruit of the spirit.  Pray for these students, classes and co-workers.  Pray for my first full year of marriage and of living in Austin.

My mother-in-law gave me a Paperwhite Bulb Kit.  You add warm water to a flat disk.  That becomes some kind of soil.  Then, you plant the four bulbs.  And you hide it under your desk for two weeks.  Well, that's what I'm going to do, anyway.  Then, on the first day of classes in 2012 I will bring it out into the sun.  I cannot wait to watch it grow.

And I will be hibernating myself these two weeks... growing roots of prayer so that when the light hits in a couple of weeks, we'll all be ready to see what God is going to grow in us.


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