"I've Got You"

My nephew has Cerebral Palsy.  But, that doesn't stop him from being like any other young boy when it comes to the pool.  He loves to swim!  For Taylor to swim, it takes two.  You have to hold him in the water.  He reminds you often to not let go.  While we were swimming yesterday, his arms were tightly wrapped around my shoulders.  And I was walking across the water.  He must have felt like I was a little unsteady, because this time, he said, "Don't worry- I've got you."

How often do I do that with God?  When I feel like things are a little unstable - I make sure God knows I have the situation under control.  What I'm really thinking is that I have Him under control.

And I think of Romans where it says that While we were still helpless, powerless, with-out strength, Christ died for us...  And I am still helpless.  I don't have the power to control things.  I don't even have enough strength to love well, be selfless enough, or wise enough.  And that same Christ is still saving me.  And I'm thankful that that old Footprints In The Sand poem is exactly right.  It's Christ who is never letting me go.


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