It's a new season at the fruit and veggie shop.  Purple cauliflower.  Deep, dark nuts.  Things I've never seen before.  Today I asked about the giuggiole.  How do you eat it?  What is it?  Try it they said.  So I did.  And I was tickled pink!  Which, was a perfect response since if you "andare in brodo di giuggiole" (literally: go in sauce of giuggiole) you are, well... tickled pink.  I brought a large bag home and stuffed my mouth with them as I researched what they are in English.  Jujubes!  Which I didn't know were real things!  So, now that my tummy is full of jujubes, and a head of research on how to make jujube sauce, I need to go ask what exactly you do with the sauce.  How fun!


Anonymous said…
After going to my parents home village in southern Italy back in 2009 i tried this wonderful fruit, armed only with the local dialect name of this fruit, i had no chance of finding out its real name, after getting a clue to its name from an indian friend i was directed to this wonderful page through google!
i am now a huge step closer in sourcing a Jujube plant to call my own

Thankyou very much!

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