1 Bag and 2 Observations

Yesterday I went shopping without my little cart for pulling groceries.  I had judged my list incorrectly.  Though there were not many things on it, the items themselves were heavy.  Walking home one of the three bags broke.  It didn't tear where everything dropped violently to the ground.  It was a slow tear of the handle.  I had enough time to gently set it down.
Before I had time to decide what to do, a lady stepped out of a dry-cleaners and handed me a bag.
A big one.
An old one.
With handles that had been reinforced with layers and layers of that brown packing tape.

And here is what I learned:

1.  That bag was a gift.  It's ugly.  It's obviously well used.  It wasn't expensive.  How often do I not want to "give" because I feel like my gift isn't perfect or isn't dramatic?  ... or that I'm not perfect?  that I'm not the expert? And I think of that verse where it says that our suffering allows us to encourage other people.  The tape I wear around my weakness will be someone's strength.

2.  The woman who came to my rescue must have been watching me for a few seconds.  She saw a need and she met it.  Was in convenient for her?  Did she get applause?  Did she sigh regarding my lack of preparation and diligence and capability?   I don't think so.  She just saw a problem, had compassion and stepped out to help me.


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