Would Jesus Fit In My "Spiritual" Rubric?

Recently I heard a preacher try to encourage his congregation to make sure their faith was authentic.  Good.  Great, even.  He then proceeded to say (through a fictional scenario) that the way we can know other people have authentic faith is that they
a) attend Bible studies at church
b) walk around carrying their Bible
c) pray aloud at church

What?  Really?  OK - I, too think that those three things are good things... but as proof of your relationship with Jesus?  They might overflow from it - certainly - but... I don't know... seems a little Pharisaical to me if that is our rubric.  But the truth is - we all fall into that trap.

So what if we have the rubric of hungering and thirsting for righteousness, of being peacemakers, of being merciful, of being pure in heart?


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