I do not have a green thumb.  My four ficus trees are dying.  Ficus trees... the internet promised me you can't kill ficus trees.  Sigh... Anyway, it also promised me that geraniums last forever - but mine have all been eaten.  And yes, I did put stuff in them to keep away the bugs.  I'm hopeless.  Which leads me to my portulacas.

The plant store people told me I needed to water them about once a week.  The internet told me they need very, very little water.  So I watered them about a week and a half-ago... and since then we've had a lot of rain.  OK - they don't actually get the full rain because of the balcony above me, but they get splashes and they get the moisture that's in the air.  And, everyone tells me I over-water everything (probably causing the death of my ficuses) so, I let them be.  And then yesterday morning I was so sad.  They looked pit-a-ful.  So, I watered them.  And this morning they are happy, happy, happy.

It's the same with us.

I don't think our salvation is based on praying and being in God's word every day.  But, I do think it is water for our souls.  A sermon instead of listening to the news on the way to work.  Worship music while working out today.  Reading 1st Samuel in the bath-tub.  I don't know... maybe we could use some watering, too.


Barras said…
so true. thank you.

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