A Conversation with an 85 Year-Old-Man in a Suit and Hat who I Passed on the Street

Man: Excuse me!  Excuse me!
Me: Yes...
Man: You aren't Veronese, true?    [Veronese is the adjective for people from Verona.]
Me: No... I'm American.
Man: From where in America?
Me: From San Antonio, Texas.
Man: Ahh... I know America well. taking out a piece of candy and offering it to me
Me: Yes?
Man: Yes, I went to New York and Philadelphia a very, very long time ago.  Do you know how I knew you weren't Veronese?  You smile.  Veronese don't smile.  They don't smile.  I don't know why we don't smile.  Who knows... Have I given you a piece of candy?
Me: Yes.
Man: Well, here's another one for tomorrow.
Me: Thank you.

... And we shook hands and I leaned to slowly kiss both cheeks.


Brandy said…
That is very sweet. It must feel weird to "stand out" in the crowd. I know if made me feel uneasy in Germany. I guess it is good though, b/c you are "set apart" and God has you there for that reason. Miss you!
Barras said…
I love this little story. And your smile, April. I know it blesses people just to see it.
Mission Amore said…
Blessed to be a blessing, and you did it JUST being you! BRAVO!!

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