A Big Do Over

I am hosting a brunch in October.  Last week I carefully printed, cut, glued, pieced together 60 intricate invitations.  I really wanted the ladies who receive the invites to feel special and cared for when they look at them.  The whole process took two solid afternoons.  As I was putting them in envelopes on Monday morning I saw that there was a spelling mistake.  I know you know that I'm not the best speller, and especially when I'm working in two languages - but I did have two people proof it... but we missed something that is tricky.  But, it was just one letter.
I debated and debated about sending them anyway.  They were so pretty.
Finally I bit the bullet and decided to start all over.  I was able to salvage most of the main parts of the pretty card stalk.  As I was disassembling them, I saw another mistake.  A missing word - well, it isn't super necessary - but it would have been better with that missing word.
And so, back to the computer to take out that extra letter and add the missing word.  And low and behold, what to my wondering eyes should appear?  I had the wrong date on the invitations!
A big sigh of relief washed over me.  Thank You, Lord for not letting me send those out.  I would have had to re-send and clarify and make phone calls and send emails...
Sometimes we get "little red flags" on things... and we want to over-look them.  We say, but it's just...  And maybe God is using a little red flag to protect us from bigger things.
My new invites are pretty as well.  As far as I can tell there are no extra letters, and all the right words are there... and they even have the correct date.


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