I have a bowl in my entry way where I throw things when I come home.

1. Before. This is ridiculous. I know. But everyone's gotta have their "Catch-All" place, right. Well, ummm... truthfully - this is only one of three Catch-Alls. Or four. Or five.
2. journal to keep notes from staff meetings and to-do lists
3. miscellaneous paper with some math on it - I was figuring out how much I was supposed to pay for something
4. magazine I want to send to some friends in the US
5. brochure for the neighborhood pool (which after cleaning out this basket, I can no longer find. I think I filed it away - but where? ... thus justifying that sometimes the Catch-All method of filing works better than actual labeled files.)
6. keys for my friend who was staying with me - don't know which ones actually work
7. miscellaneous receipts
8. a book I borrowed and loved
9. a recipe a chef at a restaurant wrote for my team when we were doing a scavenger hunt at school
10. a prescription that I had renewed which consisted of the doctor scratching out the old date and scribbling the new one
11. 5 pens and 1 pencil
12. sunglasses
13. my fun watch
14. my dressy watch
15. light-bulbs to replace the two I broke in the same day in the same lamp
16. my I-Want-You-More prayer ring
17. casual earrings
18. 6 euros and 30 centesimi
19. lipstick
20. nail polish
21. plug adapter- American
22. plug adapter- German which all appliances use
23. a frequent shopper card to earn points from the printers where I buy ink
24. a frequent shopper card to earn points from my favorite store in the world (perfume, of course), but where I'm only allowed to go to buy sunscreen. Bummer.
25. my barrette I can't live without (I start the day with my hair down - but it rarely lasts!)
26. after: I actually put everything away in it's correct place!


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