The Refrigerator

This is my refrigerator. Believe me, right now the outside is more interesting than the inside. Well, that's always true, isn't it? I love looking at people's refrigerators. Do they change what's on it or have the same things that have been there since 1978? Do they have funny magnets or do the magnets coordinate with the color scheme of the kitchen? Are things thrown up there or placed ever-so-carefully? Or, are they placed ever-so-carefully to look like they have just been thrown up there? Does the fridge celebrate travels, friends, memories? Is it an art gallery or a bulletin board? Is it empty to give a since of calmness or style?
Mine is a exhibition of sweet things. Pictures of Dave and his nephews, and the new niece, too I have yet to meet; Dave's itinerary from last spring; the phrase in Italian that says "I cannot see the hour until we meet", meaning I can't wait to see you again; A photo from NASA; A drawing from my dear 5 year old friend, Harrison that he made for me while he sat at my counter. The little square magnets were a gift from my mother. I like them! They match my wall tiles (light, shiny sage green) perfectly.
We realize that there is a temptation from the refrigerator is to find joy and comfort in what's inside... but what better to find joy and comfort in what's on it! These precious gifts. But the truth is that these people, these relationships... though so very dear to my heart - are not enough. They will not be enough. They cannot be enough.
There is one more thing on the fridge. See it in the lower right corner? It's a magnet from my friend, Heidi. It says "10 Things God Wants You to Remember"...
1. I will give you rest.
2. I will bless you.
3. I will not fail you.
4. I will strengthen you.
5. I will answer you.
6. I believe in you.
7. I am for you.
8. I love you.
9. I will be with you.
10. I will provide for you.
And that's where I find real comfort. That's will I find real hope. Real joy. Real life... in God alone.


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