From Where Do You Come From

My friend grows olives. Today we talked about my black-thumb. I told him that I always have hope if there is at least one green leaf. And believe me, most of my plants are more brown than green. I want to know how to take care of them. I just don't have the magic touch.

My life feels like that today... dying and dry and worm-infested. I don't know how to take care of the tasks at hand, the people around me or the work I am called to do. And today, like so many days, I feel like I don't have a green thumb.

But my friend gave me a secret. He looked me in the eyes and said, "All you need to know is where you plant originated. If you think of that place, you'll know how to take care of it."

And that is true for my life around me. On a hundred levels. My over-whelming to-do list, the battle with my pride, the people whom I love and the strangers I don't love enough... If I look at each thing that passes through my mind - and I look at where it comes from, I will know how to take care of it.

And me, too. Maybe I need to look at where I came from. Who knew me before I was born? Who knit me together? Who gives me life even today? And that right there, my friends... that is The Answer.


Mission Amore said…
April: When I asked God how I was supposed to "evangelize" to Italy, when I don't know how to EVEN speak the language; He told me, "All I'm asking you to do is water the flowers. I will 'worry' about which ones flourish, and which ones wilt. Your only job is to water as many as you can while you are there." Even someone with a "black thumb" can do that.

Keep your chin up Bella. He's not looking for perfection, just willingness.
Brandy said…
I love it! I seem to be loving him more these days as I see how patient and loving he is with me. Mabry has been throwing some good fits the past 3 days and it is so hard to keep calm and not lose it with her. BUT I know I throw fits with God and he just gives me exactly what I need when I need it and he ultimately is forming me (and Mabry) into who we are supposed to be. He is our source.

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