Cold Feet

It's in the upper fifties today - but I am chilly. The old-school thermometer I keep by my desk says it's 72 inside. Perfect. So, why am I cold? Ahhh... my shoes. Normally I have house-shoes or flip-flops on, but somewhere this afternoon I abandoned them. My apartment is on the first floor, but the building is built up on huge pillars. So, actually, there's a big open space (enough to have a ground floor) between me and the actual ground. It keeps my floors cool in the summer - and freezing in the winter... which would explain why on this brisk spring day, my feet are not so toasty.

In English we use the term "Cold Feet" when we're scared or nervous, when we are doubting. Interesting, isn't it, that when the Lord gives us armor, He provides us with shoes of the Gospel of Peace. ... What battle stands before me today? What am I up against? What am I afraid of? Hmmm... Peace. That's what we have to keep our feet warm...


Mission Amore said…
My grandma always used to say "cold feet, warm heart"...I think it applies to you :)

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