Listen Up

My little old-fashioned radio sits on top of my fridge. I sometimes listen to it for a few minutes while I'm heating the water for my morning cup of warmth. I listen to an English (I know - it's very bad of me) radio station from the American base an hour away. It's called Arm Forces Radio, a very official title. I can't figure out the schedule - but every fifteen minutes it gives a two-minute rundown of the headlines.
What I find interesting is the minutes before and after the news. Often there's a story of a great general, or a prisoner of war that somehow brought his fellow prisoners to freedom. Again and again there are reminders of why the soldiers are doing what they are doing and encouragement in how to do it well.
That's exactly what we need, isn't it? We need the Word. We need each other. We need blogs and magazines and good conversations. We need to be surrounding ourselves with little reminders of who we are and how to live it out.


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