Groundhog Day

I don't know if you've seen the movie. I watched it for the first time. The character "Phil" relives the same day over and over. Sometimes I have that same feeling on my way to school.

First, it's the lady who doesn't look or act Italian who is always standing on the corner talking on her cellphone. She smiles at me. Then there's the two mothers waiting for the bus with their adorable daughters who are excited for their day at preschool. The one in the red coat tickles me. Next are my fruity people - the people who are unloading the fruit and vegetables from the truck. Their market is always packed in the mornings. The same lady arranges the mounds of flowers in front of an alter of Mary. I always wonder what the other passerbys are going through when they pause for a minute there. On to the next block, where two ladies stand outside the pastry shop. Look. The blue car is pulling up and the lady with the porcupine-like hat is crossing the street. On I go to glance at the red head on the other side of the street. And that one lady on her bicycle. Either she's early or I'm late. I usually pass her further down the road. Ah. The secretary is waiting for the gate to open - and she's embarrassed that her car is blocking the sidewalk. She'll scoot up just a little so that I don't have to walk on the street. There's the pooper-scooper man. Of course, he also is picking up trash. Here comes the man with the brown briefcase. He's so elegant. He walks reading the paper. Then it's the lady with the perfect hair. It looks so natural and full. I wonder where she gets it cut. Onto the park. The lady who always wears a black skirt zips past me. I love her brown boots. Maybe I should wear brown boots with a black outfit. Hmm... These workers still aren't finished with this drain? That lady has a great hair cut, too. Speaking of hair cuts, the hairdresser at the Aveda salon is standing outside the door. She has three different purple sweaters. Turn the corner. That man is on his way to work. We stare at each other but never smile. At another salon the lady with the short curly hair is working on a customer. Turn the corner. The man from the leather store is opening his door. The lady at the needle work store is vacuuming. The two men who are working on the Red Cross building are just standing around. I smell the bakery. A lady is just arriving at her office. She take off her coat. Looks at messages on her desk. Then it's he door man at school. And I hear the church bells. It's 9 am. Time for school.

Ci vidiamo domani. We'll see each other tomorrow when it all happens all over again.


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