The Gift of Mourning

I believe that sometimes we just need to chose to be happy. I do. But, I also believe in mourning, which is something we Americans aren't comfortable with. I've been told that I do this well - which ummm... I think is a compliment. It's important for us to see the pain as well as the joy. Didn't C.S. Lewis talk about how we can't have one with out the other? Someone I don't know, but who is counted as a very Godly and wise man, recently wrote:

Depressed today. But, after our long years of communion, I no longer run from
it. It is part of the steady rhythm of my life. The truth is I am wiser when I'm
depressed. Less self confident. Less flippant. More cognizant of uncertainty and
the transience of tomorrow's bright promises. That's OK. There is wisdom in
impotence. The darkness will pass. Until then, even when silent and hidden in
shadows, God is here.

Amen and amen.


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