Clothed in the Love of my Friends

When I taught Second Grade, we read a play called, "Harlequin and the Gift of Many Colors." It's carnival time and Harlequin doesn't want to join the fun because he doesn't have a costume to wear. His friends convence him to come by each giving a little part of their own costume. He sews the scraps onto a white suit and dazzles everyone at the carnival. As he spins and dances around in a rainbow of colors he said, "I am the happiest of all tonight, for I am clothed in the love of my friends."

The other day as I was walking to school I started thinking about what I was wearing... memories and gifts. My shoes remind me of Priscilla and Katie. My pants, Cheryl. Phil bought me these earrings. My bag is from the ladies at Crossroads. Alisha made my scarf. My sweater is from Lorrene. The umbrella, Meagan. I was listening to my iPod, a gift from my Dad. I, too, was clothed in the love of my friends.


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