Tiramisu, Please.

Today I heard the story* of tiramisu. But, I'm going to warn you. It will change how you view the dessert.

First you need to understand the three parts of the word.

tira - a command "lift"

mi - "me"

su - "now" (kind of)

So, it literally means - lift me now... or how we would say "I need a pick-me-up...", meaning that I need something to cheer me up and give me more energy for what ever is ahead of me. Next, you need to understand the contents of tiramisu: eggs, coffee, chocolate, sugar. Things that will wake you up and give you the energy you need.

Thus, tiramisu made a perfect "pick-me-up" for weary prostitutes. There you have it.

This afternoon I'll be cleaning my house and studying. And it's the Friday after a very full and tiring week. Don't think I didn't stop and get a little Tiramisu on the way home. I totally did.

*I'm going to hold on to this history, although some people dare to think that Tiramisu was invented by Roberto Lingganatto at the Beccherie resturant in Treviso in the 1970's. Bah humbug to that, I say. But, believe which ever story allows you to eat one more bite.


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