I can get the Armed Forces Radio station from a near-by base. I turned it on while I was emptying the dishwasher today and caught a few minutes of some kind of country music countdown. OK. In all honesty I do like country music. I'm so attracted to the cheesy rhyming lyrics, especially the ones that tell a story. The dangerous part is that deep down, in some corner where Crazy lives, I want to be a country song writer. So... here's my attempt at it today. Warning: it's a little sad, as a good country song should be.

One step at a time
One foot in front of the other
Ya gotta keep going, don't drift away
That's what every body says

But I don't know how
I just don't know what to do
I don't know how to make the world OK
or to wake myself from this place

So I make the bed, light a candle* and say a prayer
I wash the dishes and I fold the clothes
Turn off the TV
Feel the breeze in the windows
Then I take a shower even though I don't want to
Today that's what I'll do
... so the rest of the song you'll either have to make up in your own head... or we'll all have to wait until the next time I turn on some good ole country music. But, I have a hunch that our lady is going to be just fine... at the end she'll be wearing perfume.
*Um, this candle is going to be some kind of Glade candle as apposed to a "prayer" candle - I know - I've been in Italy so long that I feel like I have to clarify this.


Mission Amore said…
You need a dog for a good country song :) Maybe you could write about your adventures with Brinkley. Praying with you. Hopefully you will have company again within the month.

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