I had a list of thing that needed super-glue. I got them all ready and carefully opened my very expensive little tube. And glued away. But things weren't sticking very well. Of course I couldn't touch them, but I could definitely tell they weren't sticking. Ah! Italian Super-Glue. Must take a while for it to set. When I was all done I looked at the packaging.
It wasn't super-glue at all.
It was anti-glue: a substance for removing any stickiness.
OK - this was not an error of my language skills. Anti in Italian is "anti" and even I could figure that one out. It's just that I didn't take the time to actually read the packaging. I just grabbed what I thought was super-glue.
How often do I do this in real life? I try to control a relationship. I try to stick people together. I try to fix problems. And whatever I'm attempting has the exact opposite effect.
I think I need to go back and read the labels. The one that says I'm not the boss. The one that says it's not my job to take care of every one's every need. It's not my job to be God.


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