Wish List

First of all, let me just say that I have been told by three people that I am to make this list and post it here. It's basically just a list of things that I can't get here. : )

Oatmeal (instant flavored packs)
Cake Mix
Instant Pudding (fat free)
Diet Hot-Chocolate
Diet Hot-Cider
Taco Seasoning
Seasoning Packets of Any Kind
Corn Bread Mix
BBQ Seasoning
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter shaking powder
Dried Cilantro
Anything(!) from Hobby Lobby
Anything with a chocolate and Peanut Butter combination
Peanut Butter
Zip Locks
Onion Soup Seasoning
Brownie Mixes
White Marshmallows

I think that's enough for now. : )


Candi said…
no Velveeta??? that was a MUST in any box or group to Haiti !! haha
Sure, Velveeta!

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