Baa, Baa...

At school, the teacher asked me about my father. How old is he? What's he like? What is his job? The conversation went like this...

(A for April, T for Teacher)

A: My father is a pastor.
T: Really?
A: Yes.
T: Your father is a pastor? This is true?
A: Yes.
T: A pastor in Texas.
A: Yes. (At this time my eyes grow as big as his.)
T: Wonderful! (Now he's clapping his hands.) What a beautiful job. A pastor in Texas. Lots and lots of land. Lots and lots of sheep.
A: What?
T: Your father is a pastor in Texas, right?
A: Yes.
T: A pastor with lots and lots of sheep? Right?
A: Sheep?
T: Yes, sheep. Baaa... Baaa... on a Ranch.
A: No. In a church.
T: Oh. It's called the same thing. A pastor with sheep. A pastor with people. The same thing.

More than he knows...


Tara said…
That is such a neat story
Jenny said…
Makes me smile...especially since I know your parents! :)

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