What I Did Today

10:30 Wake up. Get ready. Piddle around. Eat yogurt for breakfast.
11:15 Get my tax card.
12:15 Get info for residence card.
1:00 Piazza Bra. See the arena. Eat pasta and yogurt for lunch. Eat Tangerine gilato.
2:00 Visit the Verona Tourist office.
2:30 Buy stamps. Buy a "ticket" for the permiso. Talk with Andrea about phones. Try to change money. Get Rebecca a train ticket.
3:00 Back to the house to relax and get papers and make copies.
4:00 Go to the salon so Rebecca's broken toe nail can get fixed. Get money.
5:30 Go to the bicycle shop. Meet Angelo at the furniture store. Go to the rental agency.
6:00 Sign a contract for an apartment (this really DID take 2 hours).
8:00 Go home. Order pizza.
9:00 Walk to my apartment
10:00 Fill out forms for my permisso.
11:00 Shower. Blog.
12:00 Go to bed.


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