Team Worship

How do you have "church" with less than a handful of people?
Well, you clean off the coffee table and put bread and wine on it. You put on some music and sing your heart out. You pray and you pray and you pray.
The real question, is how do you BE the Church?
You wrap your arms around someone when they admit their weakness. You meet someone's physical needs (whether it's espresso or an internet key). You literally cheer when someone's name is added to The People We've Met list. You remind each other of the grand purpose for life. You give each other a little space. You take communion and you commune with each other and with God. You advise and explain. You spend hours translating for someone. And you don't let someone eat that second Big Mac bun when they've told you not to let them eat it. You look at each face in your neighborhood as someone God dearly loves. You pray. And you pray again. And you laugh a lot.
Well, that's what what my church did on Sunday anyway. What about yours?


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