Saying Goodbye: Be Safe and Have Fun

When I walk out of the house I hear my dad say, "Be safe and have fun." That's been the prayer for this trip.
We loaded up the thirteen (!) pieces of luggage and went to the airport 3 hours early. Our friend, Mr. Skycap, was great and whizzed us right through to the manager. It took about an hour and a half, but they brought us our tickets and took care of all the luggage. Friends came to say goodbye - which has been my first sending off party! I felt very loved. I didn't cry until an hour into my second flight.
Rebecca is traveling with me. She's going to Romania to scope out a ministry there. We have been close friends for 15 years and traveling together has been really easy and fun.
Right now we're in Frankfurt, Germany. We have just a couple of hours of lay-over time. She's taking a nap and I'm... well, writing this blog. The best thing about this airport are the gumball machines in the bathroom. In the little plastic balls are a miniature toothbrush and toothpaste. Cute.


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