A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

I keep meaning to change my picture on facebook. It's about fourteen or fifteen months old. I keep meaning to... but I just can't. Not yet.
That picture is more than a picture. It's a day in my life. Well, two days.
The day before the picture I had gotten a shockingly short haircut. One that did not go well with my plan to grow it out in getting ready for Italy. I cried. I mean I really cried. About my hair. And then I cried in embarrassment because I was crying about my hair. My friend popped over to see my new do. Another friend then came because she heard I didn't like it. And two more friends. And the next morning everyone else met me with hugs and encouragement. About my hair.
But it wasn't just about my hair. It was about their love and about their concern. It was about them wanting me to feel wrapped in friendship and care. It was about them wanting me to be happy.
When one guy told me he thought my hair looked hot, it made me laugh to my core. And I loved him more for it.
It turns out that I really liked that hair cut after I got over the shock. But I don't keep the picture for the hair, I keep the picture for them. And when I see it I remember that I'm loved.


Ashley Pratt said…
Absolutely correct. You are loved...(and it did look good!!!) :)
Lenny & Allison said…

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