It's Beginning to Look Like...

Home! OK... not really. In fact, we just moved the rubbermaid containers from the garage to the apartment. I'm still staying at Matt and Angie's and will be here until Friday. That's when the electricity, gas and water will be on. The appliances are coming Wednesday and we'll hear about the furniture on Friday. Maybe they'll be here sometime next week. So, I can see the end in sight... almost.

It's exactly what we're doing in this city. Someday I'll know the roads. Someday I'll know the language. Someday I'll know which pizza to order at which restaurant. Someday I'll know which bus goes where. Someday I'll be able to actually communicate with my neighbors. And someday I'll know their names... and their children's names... and their birthdays... and their favorite foods. But right now it seems so far off.

I don't even know the name of my landlord. Or the superintendent. But I will. I will.


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