Floor Plans, Tables and Getting Ahead of God

I have spent endless minutes looking at pictures of the apartment I want in Verona. I've studied the floor plan and have tried to envision what it would look like if I were standing in each room. And although I've tried not to, I've decided where every chair, table, bed, desk and lamp will go. I have already pictured Katie and I sitting on the futon in the guest room/office laughing until we cry. I have already decided what music I will play at my first dinner party.
And the apartment isn't even mine yet.
I do this all the time. My mind jumps ahead of what God has given me today. I rush, I skip, I grab at tomorrow without God's permission. What I need to do is just. slow. down.
I think this is a little of what it means when we're told to guard our hearts. It's a little of what it means when we're invited to lie down in green pastures. To sit beside the still waters. To wait on the Lord.
We excuse this rushing. It's just creativity. It's just entertainment. It's just imagination. It's just fun. It's just natural. But I'm stepping ahead God.
So, how do we decide which apartment we want without getting too attached? How do we seek God's will without planning every detail of how we think it will turn out? I don't know. But, I'm guessing it has to do with slowing out steps, stopping to rest and breathing. Just. Slow. Down.


Rachel Payne said…
Thanks April for this post - I am trying very hard right now not to get ahead of God in certain areas of my own life. It's hard! I'm praying for you! :)

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