Remember the behemoth of the vacuum. I just used it. And I was amazed at how dirty my little loft is. I started with the mess but just kept going. This is an old wooden house. I didn't even know dirt could be between slats in the floor and the paneling. I could have vacuumed for hours. (Which might be a relief to you to know that I didn't allow myself that pleasure, but not a relief to my house guest who is coming for the weekend. I hope she doesn't read this.) Anyway, the more I vacuumed, the more dirt I saw.

Isn't that the same with how God's Holy Spirit works? The more we know Him, the more we listen to Him, the more we allow Him to work in our lives - well, the more we'll see the dirt. Hallelujah that HE is the one who is cleaning us.


Tara said…
Yeah, Amen to that!

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