Truth of Beauty

Outside my window in Texas stretches a field with new growth. I am calmed just looking at it. It seems so right, so good. Outside my window in Haiti stood half finished grey brick houses. Nothing pretty about those.

I love those few moments as the sun sets - not when the western sky shoots colors - but when you stand looking east and everything looks golden.

That light doesn't change the field much, but those brick houses! Amazing. Pure gold as if the bricks themselves were pouring out light.

I described this to a friend and he called it Redemption... The field doesn't need much redemption, but the bricks do. Their only beauty comes from the light of the sun.

This morning I sat by the river with the Sacraments. The sun poured on my face and I knew I am more like the bricks than I was of the field.


Tara said…
Me too april

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